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Thinking of Something is a project that works on putting smile on your face and answering all those questions you have in your mind every day.
We will try to share our emotions and thoughts with you. We will also encourage you to share your stories with us.

Art, Travel and Relationships are our points of interest but we do not hesitate to share our horizonts.

We are working everyday to write personal experiences and thought on everyday subject. Also, we will try to cover all those trening subjects in a way to inform our readers. Ofcourse we will try to give our opinions on important subjects.
You can follow all our post and pictures on our Facebook page Thinking of Something.

Our team consists of three young and eager women and men who just love to write and think of it as a great way to express yourself.

We enjoy sharing with others so feel free to share your opinions and experiences with us. Contact us through contact forms or write to